Road Trip Ramblings…

So apparently there’s nothing better than a quiet 10million-some-hour drive with your family down the east coast to spend way too much time dwelling on the current problems and dead ends in your life. Or should I say ‘reflecting’, because that sounds way less harsh. Either way said, today gave me lots of time to listen to my many playlists while staring out the window, watching the pine densities grow as my mind raced and raced.

So here I am. It’s July 25th…I didn’t know that it was the 25th until the little date box appeared in the word document. I was just going to write it’s July “20 something” because truthfully I kind of lost track of the world and everyday life this month. Anyways… it’s apparently July 25th 2015 at 5:56pm and I officially have no clue what the hell to do with my life.

I do know this: On August 18th I will be flying to LAX to meet my cousin/best friend. I can’t wait to get to know California…


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