“Your Rocky Spine”

-Ever since I was little, I always wished I could train my shadow to carry around a boom box that would play my favorite songs when I needed it to.-

You know the feeling or the moment when the perfect song begins to play in the background and it ohh-so-perfectly complements what is actually happening in real life, almost as if Hollywood directors had momentarily taken over? These few genuine moments do exist in real life, and I happened to experience one the other day:

I was driving west as the sun was setting over of Pittsburgh. I had just spent an ungodly amount of hours at the UPMC Presby waiting for my father as he was getting his heart poked at from every angle by 5 different surgeons. To say the least, I burned through what would be the equivalent of a year’s worth of adrenaline that day waiting for him to get out of surgery. When I got the go from him that it was okay for me to leave, I drove west through Pittsburgh and continued until I got to the REI, a place that I had been planning to extensively visit for the past few months. With my fairly recent obsession for thru hiking and backpacking expanding exponentially, I had planned for a long time that I was going to suck it up and buy a real pack that evening. So after maybe two-ish hours of trying on various packs, I made my final decision and swiped my new credit card to finalize my three figure purchase….which simultaneously made me want to immediately vomit thanks to instant buyers remorse. I was kind of in shock as I walked back to my car and pulled out of the parking lot to head out to my final destination for the evening. The sunset was all kinds of amazing colors by the time I was back on the highway. I had all my windows down in my car and I stumbled upon a song from one of my older playlists and once I realized what was playing, I immediately started to feel the adrenaline and excitement starting to burn in my chest. While “Your Rocky Spine” by Great Lake Swimmers was playing, I looked at my new pack that I knew was going to be my new amazing travel companion who was going to take me to new places all over the world. My classic shit-grin immediately popped onto my face as I realized how many doors I just opened for myself by taking a step and buying that pack, while simultaneously realizing that after the past few traumatic weeks of dealing with my crazy father’s health problems, he was actually going to be okay. He was going to be okay. For those few minutes of that song, I felt like I was the star of my own feature film as my short hair strands were blowing in the wind and the sky was turning even more cotton candy colors as I soared down in-between those highway lines chasing the sun.

PS: Anyone who loves the outdoors, especially hiking and backpacking, should totally listen to “Your Rocky Spine” and prepare to have your own special moment with this great tune.


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