Pa’l Norte: The Voice of the Refugees

“En tu sonrisa yo veo una guerrilla,
una aventura, un movimiento…”-Calle 13

“In your smile, I see a war,
an adventure, a movement…”-Calle 13

Okay y’all. So this piece originally started out with an introduction that consisted of a recap of the recent terrorist attacks overseas and the Syrian refugee crisis. But as I continued rambling on in my first draft, I started to see myself getting lost and clouded by my insatiable desire to go on and on with my arguments for why the Republican leaders, whom refuse to accept the refugees in the USA, are the most cowardly and insane close-minded dick-wads… EVER.

Instead, the original idea that got me to start writing this entry actually stemmed from the growing need I have felt these past few days to share my latest favorite piece of musical activism.

So that is what this piece has turned into:

As much as I would love to verbally rip new assholes in every single one of those leaders who are against receiving refugees, instead I will be talking about how much I fucking love Calle 13 and spreading the love for their song, “Pa’l Norte” (featuring Orishas).

Calle 13, two of my favorite Puerto Ricans and one of my favorite bands of all time thanks to their activism and influential music, has really hit the nail on the head with this one. While this song was recorded back in 2007 on their album, Residente o Visitante, “Pa’l Norte” is a rap that happens to be the perfect piece for today because it gives a voice to the many Syrian refugees that have been suppressed or not heard yet.

The song follows what it means to be an immigrant and gives insight into what life is really like to be migrating or in this case, fleeing from a beyond-dangerous war zone. They rap using insanely beautiful and mind-blowing metaphors and similes which talk about themes of lost identity and the endurance it takes to journey and adventure on without guaranteed tomorrows.

I’m not going to go into depth here. There are translated lyrics out there. Listen to it for yourselves and ponder the lyrics for a while. See where they take you and the emotions the song instills in you. This song offers a great perspective, something that too many Americans have trouble fathoming: the perspective of walking in the refugees’ shoes and being forced to survive on hope and to rely on the help of others.

These artists are too fucking good. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. I just hope the cold and close-minded Republican leaders don’t give these amazing Puerto Rican artists the opportunity to write a future rap about how America turned its back on the innocent people who were simply searching for some compassion and strength in these confusing times of terror.

Check yourselves. Educate yourselves. It’s time for a reality check, America. If this song doesn’t pull on your heartstrings enough to change your perspective on this issue, then I suggest opening a history book and re-enlightening yourself on how this country was founded not that long ago. Fear isn’t an excuse.

Okay. I’m feeling myself starting to get fired up again so I’m going to call it and tap out on this one…PEACE.

Follow this link to have your mind lyrically-blown, once again, by the geniuses of Calle 13:


“Esta producción artístico-cultural hecha con cariño y con esfuerzo sea como un llamado de voluntad y esperanza para todos, todos…”-Calle 13

“This artistic-cultural production was made with love and strength. Let it be a call of will and hope for all, everyone…”-Calle 13


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